By definition the term afterthought refers to “An idea, response, or explanation that occurs to one after an event or decision.” or “1. a later or second thought. 2. something added later, as a part or feature. “ Most people think of afterthoughts in everyday situations all the time but what does it feel like if you are the afterthought when it comes to relationships with friends and family? It could manifest in the following ways. What its like to be the afterthought? 1. Its your birthday. No one has planned anything and when they find out you might get … Continue reading Afterthoughts

Inner Child

I haven’t blogged for ages in fact its been months. Since finished off the book a few months ago I made a promise to myself that I would do something fun and inspiring that was NOTHING at all like the books I had written. Even though the books I wrote were all about finding passion and joy after what can only be described as a horror movie, I wanted to create and do something light and fun and start embracing my inner child again.   I am delighted to say that I have now launched my new website and … Continue reading Inner Child

Music for the soul

Using music to raise your vibration   One of the things I have found highly inspiring when I was in my darkest moments was to do something creative. Whether that be painting or making music or singing. I have always loved music and arts and found expressing myself through music is very healing. When you are being creative you are allowing yourself to get into the flow of consciousness that you might not normally be able to access.   Yesterday I got out my Tibetan singing bowl and let myself completely go into a deep meditation. It takes time and … Continue reading Music for the soul

It will always be our fault

 I’ve mentioned before on previous posts about playing the role of the scapegoat if you have grown up with narcissistic parents. But what happens when you have married a clone of your parents and then divorced them? How does the non disordered parent bring up their children so they don’t end up feeling like that are being pulled in every direction especially when the toxic parent continues to play mind games with you and the children? First of all if you have married a narcissist/borderline/sociopath and been lucky enough to gain custody of your children your name will be mud. … Continue reading It will always be our fault

Getting your head out of the washing machine

How Scapegoats can start taking their head out of the washing machine Most people who read my blog and go on my website know that I am an open book. However I write my articles and posts to help and inspire others who have been in the same situation as me.  I do not write posts for other people to use what they said was my past against me. In fact I don’t see myself as vulnerable I see myself as  someone who despite my background has learnt to cope better with difficult situations and avoid getting hurt in the … Continue reading Getting your head out of the washing machine

The Scapegoat

In my most recent blog post I talked a little about setting boundaries,  something those who have grown up with narcissists struggle with since narcissists have no boundaries at all and love to step all over ours if we allow them.   We often don’t know how to say no and find the boundaries very blurred which is why so many victims of narcissists end up as co dependants, enablers or empaths. Or perhaps a better word is “dependant enablers“. Having chosen not to be a dependant enabler to anyone who shows traits of Narcissistic personality disorder in my life, … Continue reading The Scapegoat

Firing on all Cylinders

I recently came across a test to see whether or not my chakras are in balance. As I regularly mediate and occasionally teach tantra with a background training of Chinese acupuncture I was interested to see which of my own chakras needed attention.   Its been a very interesting ascension process for me over the past couple of years what with all the unresolved emotional blocks I have needed to deal with. Most of the time I am generally happy but occasionally I am aware that I am not always being true to myself. According to this test I am … Continue reading Firing on all Cylinders

Going quantum and creating your desires using the law of attraction

Going quantum and creating your desires Having sidetracked a little from my spiritual path for the last couple of years with a few interesting little wake up calls I have been very calm and focussed recently. I decided to take some time out to focus on what I really wanted in my life this year rather than focussing on all that I have left behind me. It got me thinking about the new year and how I used to write myself little letters when I was a child. Everyone goes on about the film “the Secret”. A couple of years … Continue reading Going quantum and creating your desires using the law of attraction

Beware of fluffy bunnies with teeth!

With 2012 around the corner and the world in so much chaos I was prompted to write the following blog post after receiving a message from one of my Facebook friends. Yes there are a lot of nutters around that are clearly expressing who they are but there are also a lot of “nice” people out there pretending to be something they are not! The woman in question had befriended a man on Facebook who was claiming to be a “monk”. He has a large following on there and yet despite the lovely disguise his intentions are from “monkly”. (Assuming … Continue reading Beware of fluffy bunnies with teeth!

Feng Shui of the Soul

Feng Shui of the Soul 1 year on from my abusive Dark Soul I thought I would put up this post as its coming up for Xmas and the holidays. It’s now nearly 1 year on since I finally kicked out my psychopathic ex. The year has been interesting. Its had its good moments and a few bad ones. Financially its been very draining, I am aware that this will continue for many more years especially as the recession has finally taken its toll on everyone. I am left with a high amount of debt from the aftermath along with … Continue reading Feng Shui of the Soul